Dear Lord!

     Dear Lord!

 You’re the best friend

   I’ve ever had.

You lift my chin

  When I feel sad.

You give to me

   The things I need.

You are my friend,

   The best indeed!

He Is There

                                                    He Is There
When I feel shaky
 And want a hug,
When all the world has
 Pulled out the rug,
When I am lonely,
 Needing someone to care,
My precious Savior
Is always there.




 (Her Life Was LIke a Quilt Pattern)

 Ninety-one years were the pieces;

Each hour and each day, the weave,

Together they made a beautiful pattern;

Its beauty our lives did perceive.


Her life was the beautiful pattern;

Her love the strong, binding thread.

Events were bound together with joy

And peace filled the life that she led.


 She the last stitch has taken;

The pattern is all complete.

She has all the pieces together.

Now she is at Jesus’s feet. 

 (Written for Grandmother Orten’s (93 years) funeral

and changed the years for Mother’s funeral (91 years) funeral.










Kansas prairie.

G – e – n – t – l – e    r – a – i – n. 


 T – H – R – O – B – B – I – N – G    P – A – I – N !

Grave so new.

Grieving heart.

Once together.

Now apart.




Going Up?

"Behold now is the accepted time; behoild now is the day of salvation"                   (II Corinthians 6:2 KJV) 

When we step onto an elevator we have a choice of going up or down. A couple of times I have been deep in thought and did not press the button. I passed several moments just standing there, going nowhere. Then I realized I was remaining on the same floor. I had wanted to go up, but stood there without having made the simple choice.

As soon as I pressed the button, I immediately headed toward my destination with a thrust, knowing where I was going. I could even go back to my thoughts and have the comfort of knowing where I would end up.

Sometimes in life we can be at a standstill. There is the important choice of believing in Him and having eternal life. Once we make that choice, we can know our destination is Heaven and be about the work that we are to do in our life.

Lord, thank You for the gift of eternal life. May we each make the choices we need to make.

The Rainbow

That early June morning had been my father’s funeral and burial in a small town on the Kansas prairie. In the afternoon, a few members of the immediate family returned to the cemetery. As we stepped from the can, I saw a rainbow arching the background of my father’s grave. I exclaimed, “Look, a rainbow! A sign of promise and hope!”

Dad had leaned on the Lord’s promises and had reassured me that he was ready. The rainbow, in its wondrous array of beauty, signaled me that God keeps his promises.

Then a second rain bow appeared with the other. That double rainbow gave me double assurance that Dad was with the Lord. What a comforting memory of those two arches of glorious color stretched over my father’s fresh grave! The Lord always keeps his promises.

Lord, thank You for eternal life and the comfort of Your promises. Thank You that to be absent from the body is to be with You.

The Sunny Spot

A Short Poem

The Sunny Spot

I took this journey in my mind,

Relaxing along the way.

I found a sunny place to stop.

Why a tear fell, I can’t say.

The sun was shining, warming me

As I stood by the cedar tree

In the yard in front of the house,

With my swing by the side of me.

I saw the fence, the porch, the door.

I could envision the whole scene,

But I saw no one else around.

What could this mean?

I recalled how Dad worked on the farm…

Mother’s cinnamon rolls baking,

But I stood there all alone,

Enjoying warmth, but somehow aching.

My Dear Aunt Anna Lea

A poem about my aunt and the memories I have with her and my family.

No matter whatever stage in my life may be,     

There is always a smile from my Aunt Anna Lea.

She sent yearly Christmas cards honoring our Lord.     

I know she has Him in her life, and He’s adored.

She always speaks calmly and wears that sweet smile,     

And as one speaks, listens intently all the while.

She opened her home and held big family dinners for all,     

Even picnics in the pasture where Lori took her fall.

I remember the Sunday that the horse galloped away.     

I know I closed my eyes, and I began to pray.

She turned out to be all right, but her glasses were not there,     

They were found the next day, unbroken, how rare!

So, no broken bones or glasses — all turned out well.     

 It was just a fast ride, on the horse, across the dell.

Who, to my mother, is a friend as faithful as can be?     

I want you to know it is my dear Aunt Anna Lea.

She and Aunt Wilma give companionship to my mother.     

They were there after the death of my dad, their brother.

In fact, she was there to meet me at the plane, too,      

When home for my father’s funeral, grieving, I flew.

Warm, caring, calm, serene aunt and friend, you see?     

This one is none other than my dear Aunt Anna Lee.



                                           THE TOWER 

                               Oh, tower, standing high
                                               Looking out upon the lake,
                               You are stately in the day
                                               And shining in the night.
                               Your beauty far surpasses
                                               All edifices I’ve seen.
                               I try to capture your beauty
                                               In photographs I take.
                               I watch you in all the seasons,
                                               Gazing from every view.
                               As I walk along the path,
                                               I click the shutters again,
                               Aiming at visions afresh.
                                               You inspire me to perception
                               Above and beyond myself,
                                               Giving calmness to my body
                               And rest within my soul.
                                               You remind me of my Creator,
                               Who reigns supremely over all,
                                               Who lifts my eyes from cares
                               That engulf me in a day.
                                               You remind me to look up.
                               You lift my eyes above.
                                               Faithfully you stand there.
                               You give beauty in my life.
                                               I like spending time with you.
                               You are indeed a true friend.
                                               I never want to move away.
                               I bring you all my friends.
                                               Your bells ring out the passing time
                               With crystal clear tones I love.
                                               Someday, I will say farewell,
                               But I know you’ll always be there
                                               To ring out the passing hours,
                               Even after my own passing.
                                               But I’ll go on to my Father
                               Who’s higher than this tower is,
                                               And there hear the heavenly bells.

Thank You To a Wonderful Group

A short PoemA small-sized picture without a frameWith some writing on it, giving each nameWas all I'd ever dreamed to have with me.Then, what a surprise!  Could it be?John was coming over, on other business, I thought,And under his arm, something he brought.Maybe he's coming for lunch —This great leader of a wonderful bunch!Where was he going?  Whom would he see?Then he gave something really special to me!It's of top quality and meaning — a true treasure!Like working with you was the utmost pleasure!So now as I look at it hanging on my wall,    With dearest of memories, I think of you all!