PIECES AND PATTERNS

                   (Her Life Was Like a Quilt Pattern)

                    Ninety-three years were the pieces;

                        Each hour and each day, the weave.

                     Together they made a beautiful pattern;

                        Its beauty our lives did perceive.


                     Her life was the beautiful pattern;

                        Her love the strong,binding thread.

                     Events were bound together with joy,

                        And peace filled the life that she led.


                     She the last stitch has taken;

                        The pattern is all complete.

                     She has put all the pieces together.

                        Now she is at Jesus’s feet.

                            JoyceRoberts Lott

                              (Joy – N – Peace)


                     (Verses one and three were read at

                     Grandmother Eva Alice Weekly Orten’s

                     funeral January 23, 1985.)


                     (Entire poem was used for Mother,

                     Vera Irene Orten Roberts’s, funeral

                     on May 15,2010.)

                     Others have used this poem since.