My Account Was Settled 

My debits and credits are entered.

My double lines have been drawn.

My balance sheet is all totaled out.

It was time that I have traveled on.


Keeping books was for me a pleasure.

I was thankful for each wonderful task.

Each boss to me was a blessing.

As I shared, “What more could I ask?”


I recorded each item on my ledgers

With neat writing I accurately penned.

Then I placed my ledgers away

For a future entry, my friend.


I love you all so dearly.

Be kind, love family, honor God.

Please keep your life in check;

Have no bitterness or facade.


Thank you for your visits,

beautiful flowers and each card.

I had peace with God and was ready.

Yet, our final good-byes are hard.


I pray you will be ready

When at last your time will be.

Believe in Jesus; have the peace I had.

Then you, with me, our Jesus will see. 

(Written for Aunt Florence’s graveside service)