Fifty Years Ago

         T’was nearly fifty years ago

                   In a little country school

                          That Donnie Heier and Joyce Irene

                     Ran from an angry mule.


                                They read their books near the stream

                             And climbed the chalky rocks.

                                 They chased the fluttering butterflies,

                                           He, with brown eyes, she, curly locks.


             “Annie Over” was the game

                            That the four students played.

                           Charlie Johnson, Superintendent,

            Frequent visits paid.


        A pot-bellied stove

                       Kept us children warm.

                            No telephones or electric lights,

                              No water that would run.


                          Fifty years is a long, long time

                                                  Yet, they share their mem’ries now.

                                  They still have many recollections

                                       Of when and where and how.


                                               That one-room school was moved away.

                                 They picture it still there.

                        This year, the golden year,

                                     A reunion they will share.