Spiritual Encounters at the Kitchen Counter

This book takes the ordinary in the kitchen and shows the extraordinary lessons which can be gleaned from them. Today there is an emphasis on new designs in the kitchen, 30-minute meals, kitchen make-over’s, and the love of retro. Spiritual Encounters at the Kitchen Counter is a unique devotional. It can trigger memories of the past of one’s earlier kitchen(s) or a mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen. The devotions in this book approach familiar items in the kitchen with spiritual lessons they offer.




 Dear Lord, I got up this morning and started through my day.

I felt so alone and blue, much to my dismay.

I longed to be full of energy and to accomplish much,

But my heart yearned for love and a soft gentle touch.

I felt guilty for not having direction today.

I then on my Lord my burden did lay.

So, I shopped for groceries, and Carole cut my hair.

I had the car washed and stopped by a mall near there.

I ambled and looked and found an interesting book.

I told the clerk I’d not come for it to look.

He said,”…impulse buying,” but I said I’d used reason.

See, I’d prayed to the Lord to help me in this season.

This book came as an answer to prayer.

This author had experienced the need and had something to share.

Then as I prepared to eat something from Chick-filet,

Along came a friend who just last night did say

That I’d know from the Lord just what to do,

And, dear Lord, I gave it to You.

So, thanks for the day, the accomplishment, fellowship, and book.

I know that you’re there, and my burden You took!

December 30,1995





            Fifty Years Ago

         T’was nearly fifty years ago

                   In a little country school

                          That Donnie Heier and Joyce Irene

                     Ran from an angry mule.


                                They read their books near the stream

                             And climbed the chalky rocks.

                                 They chased the fluttering butterflies,

                                           He, with brown eyes, she, curly locks.


             “Annie Over” was the game

                            That the four students played.

                           Charlie Johnson, Superintendent,

            Frequent visits paid.


        A pot-bellied stove

                       Kept us children warm.

                            No telephones or electric lights,

                              No water that would run.


                          Fifty years is a long, long time

                                                  Yet, they share their mem’ries now.

                                  They still have many recollections

                                       Of when and where and how.


                                               That one-room school was moved away.

                                 They picture it still there.

                        This year, the golden year,

                                     A reunion they will share.









                        PIECES AND PATTERNS

                   (Her Life Was Like a Quilt Pattern)

                    Ninety-three years were the pieces;

                        Each hour and each day, the weave.

                     Together they made a beautiful pattern;

                        Its beauty our lives did perceive.


                     Her life was the beautiful pattern;

                        Her love the strong,binding thread.

                     Events were bound together with joy,

                        And peace filled the life that she led.


                     She the last stitch has taken;

                        The pattern is all complete.

                     She has put all the pieces together.

                        Now she is at Jesus’s feet.

                            JoyceRoberts Lott

                              (Joy – N – Peace)


                     (Verses one and three were read at

                     Grandmother Eva Alice Weekly Orten’s

                     funeral January 23, 1985.)


                     (Entire poem was used for Mother,

                     Vera Irene Orten Roberts’s, funeral

                     on May 15,2010.)

                     Others have used this poem since.





 My Account Was Settled 

My debits and credits are entered.

My double lines have been drawn.

My balance sheet is all totaled out.

It was time that I have traveled on.


Keeping books was for me a pleasure.

I was thankful for each wonderful task.

Each boss to me was a blessing.

As I shared, “What more could I ask?”


I recorded each item on my ledgers

With neat writing I accurately penned.

Then I placed my ledgers away

For a future entry, my friend.


I love you all so dearly.

Be kind, love family, honor God.

Please keep your life in check;

Have no bitterness or facade.


Thank you for your visits,

beautiful flowers and each card.

I had peace with God and was ready.

Yet, our final good-byes are hard.


I pray you will be ready

When at last your time will be.

Believe in Jesus; have the peace I had.

Then you, with me, our Jesus will see. 

(Written for Aunt Florence’s graveside service)