Christmas All Year

Christmas All Year

I am so glad I can celebrate Christmas every day of the year,

    For I know the Lord of it and hold Him very dear.

He’s in my heart and is my friend from day to day.

    He knows all about me, not just what I think and say.

He gives me purpose and direction, guiding me by His Word.

    He’s the most important message I have ever heard.

The bells of Christmas ring in my heart with joy.

    The carols of His birth are words I often employ.

Every tree I see is a Christmas tree recognizing His birth.

    And every beauty I see, a decoration here on earth.

When I see every dancing leaf glistening in the fall,

    I recognize the Master Who has created them all.

Each morsel I partake is a special festive treat —

    A gift from my Father above, given for me to eat.

Every provision for each day is a specially wrapped gift.

    He, when I might be feeling down, does my head uplift.

All through the year I can have His joy and peace.

    It’s Jesus Who gives me them and causes anxiety to cease.

I rejoice that I can celebrate Christmas with no respect of season,

    For Christ is with me every day — that is my reason!