The Path

The Path

There’s a path that is right,

And one that is wrong.

We can follow our Lord

And enjoy His song

Or go our own way

And reap a sad end.

There’s always a choice

Just round the bend.

Let’s make our choices

For His glory, not ours,

For if we don’t do that,

There’s one who devours.

So, steadfast, immovable,

Let us always be,

Following Him together,

Walking faithfully. 

The Sunny Spot

The Sunny Spot

I took this journey in my mind,

    Relaxing along the way.

I found a sunny place to stop.

    Why a tear fell, I cannot say.

The sun was shining, warming me

    As I stood by the cedar tree

In the yard in front of the house,

    With my swing by the side of me.

I saw the fence, the porch, the door.

    I could envision the whole scene,

But I saw no one else around.

    What could this mean?

I recalled how Dad worked on the farm…

    Mother’s cinnamon rolls baking,

But I stood there all alone,

    Enjoying warmth, but somehow aching. 

Christmas All Year

Christmas All Year

I am so glad I can celebrate Christmas every day of the year,

    For I know the Lord of it and hold Him very dear.

He’s in my heart and is my friend from day to day.

    He knows all about me, not just what I think and say.

He gives me purpose and direction, guiding me by His Word.

    He’s the most important message I have ever heard.

The bells of Christmas ring in my heart with joy.

    The carols of His birth are words I often employ.

Every tree I see is a Christmas tree recognizing His birth.

    And every beauty I see, a decoration here on earth.

When I see every dancing leaf glistening in the fall,

    I recognize the Master Who has created them all.

Each morsel I partake is a special festive treat —

    A gift from my Father above, given for me to eat.

Every provision for each day is a specially wrapped gift.

    He, when I might be feeling down, does my head uplift.

All through the year I can have His joy and peace.

    It’s Jesus Who gives me them and causes anxiety to cease.

I rejoice that I can celebrate Christmas with no respect of season,

    For Christ is with me every day — that is my reason! 

Dear Lord!

     Dear Lord!

 You’re the best friend

   I’ve ever had.

You lift my chin

  When I feel sad.

You give to me

   The things I need.

You are my friend,

   The best indeed!

He Is There

                                                    He Is There
When I feel shaky
 And want a hug,
When all the world has
 Pulled out the rug,
When I am lonely,
 Needing someone to care,
My precious Savior
Is always there.