The Rainbow

That early June morning had been my father’s funeral and burial in a small town on the Kansas prairie. In the afternoon, a few members of the immediate family returned to the cemetery. As we stepped from the can, I saw a rainbow arching the background of my father’s grave. I exclaimed, “Look, a rainbow! A sign of promise and hope!”

Dad had leaned on the Lord’s promises and had reassured me that he was ready. The rainbow, in its wondrous array of beauty, signaled me that God keeps his promises.

Then a second rain bow appeared with the other. That double rainbow gave me double assurance that Dad was with the Lord. What a comforting memory of those two arches of glorious color stretched over my father’s fresh grave! The Lord always keeps his promises.

Lord, thank You for eternal life and the comfort of Your promises. Thank You that to be absent from the body is to be with You.