THE TOWER 

                               Oh, tower, standing high
                                               Looking out upon the lake,
                               You are stately in the day
                                               And shining in the night.
                               Your beauty far surpasses
                                               All edifices I’ve seen.
                               I try to capture your beauty
                                               In photographs I take.
                               I watch you in all the seasons,
                                               Gazing from every view.
                               As I walk along the path,
                                               I click the shutters again,
                               Aiming at visions afresh.
                                               You inspire me to perception
                               Above and beyond myself,
                                               Giving calmness to my body
                               And rest within my soul.
                                               You remind me of my Creator,
                               Who reigns supremely over all,
                                               Who lifts my eyes from cares
                               That engulf me in a day.
                                               You remind me to look up.
                               You lift my eyes above.
                                               Faithfully you stand there.
                               You give beauty in my life.
                                               I like spending time with you.
                               You are indeed a true friend.
                                               I never want to move away.
                               I bring you all my friends.
                                               Your bells ring out the passing time
                               With crystal clear tones I love.
                                               Someday, I will say farewell,
                               But I know you’ll always be there
                                               To ring out the passing hours,
                               Even after my own passing.
                                               But I’ll go on to my Father
                               Who’s higher than this tower is,
                                               And there hear the heavenly bells.