My Dear Aunt Anna Lea

A poem about my aunt and the memories I have with her and my family.

No matter whatever stage in my life may be,     

There is always a smile from my Aunt Anna Lea.

She sent yearly Christmas cards honoring our Lord.     

I know she has Him in her life, and He’s adored.

She always speaks calmly and wears that sweet smile,     

And as one speaks, listens intently all the while.

She opened her home and held big family dinners for all,     

Even picnics in the pasture where Lori took her fall.

I remember the Sunday that the horse galloped away.     

I know I closed my eyes, and I began to pray.

She turned out to be all right, but her glasses were not there,     

They were found the next day, unbroken, how rare!

So, no broken bones or glasses — all turned out well.     

 It was just a fast ride, on the horse, across the dell.

Who, to my mother, is a friend as faithful as can be?     

I want you to know it is my dear Aunt Anna Lea.

She and Aunt Wilma give companionship to my mother.     

They were there after the death of my dad, their brother.

In fact, she was there to meet me at the plane, too,      

When home for my father’s funeral, grieving, I flew.

Warm, caring, calm, serene aunt and friend, you see?     

This one is none other than my dear Aunt Anna Lee.